playSense believes every child is unique and amazing. We feel a comprehensive therapy plan should be designed individually with the needs of the family in mind. We know how to make hard work seem fun. We believe that every child should feel confident, successful, and supported when faced with a challenge.

playSense understands play is the job of childhood. We know children learn through play and communicate through behavior. A solid foundation promotes growth and successful participation in everyday activities. Therefore, we look for the just right challenge that is the perfect mix of fun and work that will keep your child asking for more.

playSense has developed from the Ayres Sensory Integration approach. We use our focus on participation and engagement through the lense of sensory integration and development to guide our evaluation process, therapeutic approach and treatment planning. We value education and shared knowledge by serving as a student fieldwork site for Occupational Therapy graduate programs. Further, we base our therapeutic approach on the most current scientific findings through regular involvement in ongoing research.